WHY! No one wins until we all win

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Do you remember playing party games as a kid? There are many of them that taught us that being in competition and being the winner is the best, perhaps this has led you to feeling like a loser when you’ve come 2nd, 3rd or last! When you get into the habit of competing, would you agree that you may start to believe that it’s the only way? So imagine if you could approach life with a collaborative mind-set, one that means everyone wins and there are no losers.What if you were part of a community where everyone else helped you … Read More

Self-Development Or Shelf Development?

Find Your WHY foundation Cheryl Chapman Marion Bevington #FindyourWHY!

You may know someone who has ‘been on a course’. I previously a boss who attended courses and would come back full of great ideas, but somehow nothing ever really changed. Which was a shame, because I am sure there were great ideas shared at all the seminars he attended, and it wouldn’t have come cheap. There’s a name for people who attend a lot of self-development seminars and bounce from one to the other, without ever implementing a thing. They are known as “seminar junkies”. These are people who know they need to change something in their life, and … Read More