WHYs Retreats & Masterclasses

Why do you need to retreat to Find Your WHY ?

Clear your mind, change your surroundings and sharpen your focus by joining us on one of our retreats or workshops. Develop and grow, get support from your fellow WHYs women and step out of your comfort zone to gain a new perspective and learn new skills. All good reasons to retreat to find your why .

The Find your WHY! Foundation Retreats & Masterclasses are a safe place for you to spend time on your self-discovery. Many of our WHYs Women are the go-to people for their family & friends, so the question is
“Where do you go for support & to re-charge?”

Sometimes beating stress and burnout requires getting totally out of your present surroundings and finding peace somewhere far from the concerns of your daily life. A retreat can be not only relaxing, but also the catalyst for a major life change.

Find out more about becoming part of The WHYs Tribe.
The perfect opportunity for you to meet your fellow WHY’s Women & WHY’s Men.

We’ve been running Retreats, Masterclasses and Workshops since 2015 and know we know just how powerful this opportunity is, how much transformation begins here and continues to happen after as a result of the shifts, the lessons and the fun! This is the ideal place for you to connect and collaborate with a community of like minded women.

Below You can read testimonials from three of our AIMazing WHYs Women: Judith & Gemma and an article from Carole. All about their experience of the Marrakech Retreat to find your WHY . Which we ran in November 2017…

What are you waiting for?

Find Your WHY Yoga Retreats Heart of England.

UK WHYs 3 Day Masterclass

We regularly hold this 3 day event, “The Find Your WHY Masterclass”
These fun, action packed three day workshops give you the opportunity to retreat to find your why are run in the North of England, in the beautiful Yorkshire countryside Near Huddersfield.

These WHYs Masterclasses are run with the Intention of supporting you:

To ASSOCIATE with likeminded WHYs people for collaboration & community spirit.
To get into ACTION on your business.
To get ACCESS to information/people to help you need to move forward.
To become AWARE of any “shit showing up” such as procrastination, fears, self doubt and deal with it on the day.
To create an ACCOUNTABILITY plan so you have support.
ACHIEVE steps to align more closely with your WHY!

Marrakech, Morocco

Our 5 day Moroccan Retreats in Marrakech are held twice a year.

The venue is a true retreat. It has lovely, individually designed rooms, an atmospheric Main house, Generous Gardens and amazing Glamping facilities too! Swimming pool and spa facilities.

The food is super-fresh and delicious, and the service is unfailingly warm, efficient and friendly

With no jet-lag, no time difference and a direct flying time from London to Morocco (with Easyjet, BA or Ryanair) of just over three hours it is very close to home. It’s astonishing how a short flight can transports you to an entirely different world – one bursting with colour, atmosphere, and a warm welcome.

Around the grounds, there are plenty of outdoor spots for relaxing, and there is a lovely courtyard for al fresco dining where you can enjoy the gourmet cleansing cuisine lovingly created by our chefs and nutritionists.

The WHYs Women Team

You’ll be spending time with our world-class team of experts and supporters:

Award winning public speaking trainer/coach/mentor/expert and deep dive personal development agent/motivation master Queen C, our kick-ass action coach who will help you to say good bye to procrastination and stagnation!

The (female) Indiana Jones Mazzie B, the stress management expert who is a prize winning author and speaker, a yoga teacher and therapist, her main aim is to clear fear and find joy.

Every retreat is also supported by other WHYs women, so you always have experienced help at hand.

The Find Your WHY Foundation Retreats include

  • Pre-retreat questionnaire so we can tailor your schedule
  • Accommodation, all ensuite
  • All food and soft drinks
  • Daily Find Your WHY Teachings using The Find Your WHY Lessons
  • Daily Yoga Class
  • Daily Meditation Class
  • Personal Development Consultation with take home guidelines
  • Final Day New Me – New Life Preparation Session
  • Breakthroughs, Insights and Lightbulb moments to help you to Find Your WHY!

Optional Processes & Therapies Available on Request:

  • Rapid Transformational Therapy Sessions
  • Deep Dive Inner Processing Sessions
  • Spa Treatment & Morrocan Hammam
  • 121 Session with Either Cheryl or Marion where you can experience :-
    • Personal Yoga Therapy or EFT Personal Scripting or BWRT De-Programming or Kinesiology or Trauma Release or Hypnotherapy or Genetic Blueprint or Develop YOU Future Coaching Session or a Kick in the pants or poke in the eye!!!

As our retreat venues are exclusive there are a limited number of places and so they are booked on a first come first serve basis.

“I had an amazing time at the retreat and to be honest I wanted to go because I think both Marion Bevington and Cheryl Chapman are brilliant. Little did I know the phenomenal amount of knowledge and insight I would gain. I loved all of it. There were many different aspects from yoga and meditation to insights around my relationship with money. Being in the room with like-minded WHY’s women that I trust and felt I could really be myself with without fear of judgement was truly liberating. If you want to develop and grow then set your intention to the universe to provide the means to get you there. You will not regret it.”Judith Wright
Read about… The Importance of Looking After YouCarole Fossey
“It’s always good to have time to yourself away from your usual surroundings to think life over. The beauty of the retreat was being away from the hustle and bustle of life but also focusing on key areas of life itself and trying to find focus on what I need to do going forward! What’s really useful too is hearing everyone else’s life experiences and learning and growing together. Both myself and Annette were fully energised going back to work on the Monday and everyone within the office was drawn to our positivity and refreshing outlook that we had gained from the retreat. I loved the yoga too and of course not having to cook! Thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the new life skills I gained from the weekend. It’s always good to stop, reflect but then move forward in life and be involved in something different like the retreat where you can mix with other strong inspiring women”Gemma Brooks