Personality Profiling

Your Authentic Genetic Blueprint™
It’s who you really are…

Do you just have to accept what life throws at you?

Do you find that you just accept what ever happens to you, feeling like you have little choice because you are busy caught up in the daily grind, earning a living, paying the bills, providing for your family and yourself?

Maybe you even blame what happens to you on others or on your circumstances?
This daily grind can be like a hamster wheel, with you running furiously round & round to go nowhere…

Have you ever seen the film ‘Groundhog Day’? Does it feel familiar?
The daily grind deprives you of realising your own meaningful significance, deprives you of fulfilment, satisfaction, surprises and success!

So are you ready to discover WHY you are here?

Your Authentic Genetic Blueprint™ is where ancient wisdom meets modern science. The traditional sciences include the Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra system, Astronomy and most importantly, the I’Ching, the Book of Changes, combined with the modern science of particle-physics (neutrinos) and bio-physics (the genetic code), this offers you profound and accurate insights into how you are designed to be and who you are destined to become.

To get Your Authentic Genetic Blueprint™ all you need to do is share with us your place, date and time of birth, (if you don’t know the precise time what’s your best guess). From this we will be able to calculate your personal Authentic Genetic Blueprint, which will reveal many different aspects of yourself. WHO YOU WERE BORN TO BE. What behaviours and traits are certain, consistent and reliable within you. Where you are open and flexible and what is potentially sensitive and vulnerable in you.

The ultimate goal is awakening to your true nature.

Becoming yourself in the most authentic way, because, it is only by doing this that you can reach your own truth and your highest potential.

When you know your Authentic Genetic Blueprint™ you will:
  • Know how to choose the right people for your life.
  • Know the best strategies to easily reach your maximum potential.
  • Discover your true gifts and talents.
  • Know how to make the best decisions in both your personal and business life.


There are 7.5 billion people on this planet; it’s possible, through categorising your personality type, to begin to understand who you are as the unique, the one and only you, because in 7.5 billion people, you are unique, there is nobody else like you. We begin by identifying which of 5 key categories you are.

You are 1 of the following 5 types.



The education system treats us all as if we are like this and as a result lets down over 90% of us because of it!

Initiators can create something new that wasn’t here before. They act on internal impulse and are the catalyst that gets the ball rolling in any project, situation or job.

Initiators have a creative force that is also a repulsive force; it can even be harsh and always has an impact on those around. Initiators can seem unapproachable because of this force and although they can ‘just do it’!  They start the party and light the fire; they can only act in short bursts.

No one knows what initiators are going to do but they do know initiators can do it!
To be able to live meaningfully and find peace and fulfilment initiators must learn two things.

1 – To inform
2 – To be courteous

What do I mean by inform? Well initiators must simply let everyone know what it is that they are going to do. When they don’t inform, other people will get frustrated and annoyed because they don’t know what’s going on and the initiator will get angry! The fear of the initiator is that if people know what they are doing then they will get in the way or try to stop them. This happens because protective parents will have done this throughout their childhood.

When an initiator learns to always inform everybody what they are doing, they will find people actually get out of their way, so the initiator can get on with the job of creating of manifesting what it was that their impulse gave them motivation to do.

To find out if you are an Initiator click here now.


Architects are here to guide and manage, they are not here to do the work, they are here to supervise and make sure that the work is done efficiently, meaningfully and successfully.

Architects give amazing guidance and feedback on how to work at your best, and they help facilitate others to create and to do. They are the go- betweens from an initiator to specialists and builders.

Architects are very good at reading situations and give the most incredible and down to earth feedback about what is going on, about any possibility of incongruence or mismatching between what someone is doing and their personal aims and goals.

Architects give amazing guidance and feedback on how to work at your best, and they help facilitate others to create and to do. They are the go- betweens from an initiator to specialists and builders. They are very good at reading situations and give the most incredible and down to earth feedback about what is going on, about any possibility of incongruence or mismatching between what someone is doing and their personal aims and goals.

Architects know instantly if someone is doing the right work and following their heart.The advice and guidance that they give is so spot on, so incisive precise and so meaningful; that if they give their feedback and advice and they have not been invited to then it feels as though they are invading the space, it feels as though they are interfering in the other persons business. This will lead to feeling unappreciated and bitterness on the part of the architect.

To avoid this bitterness an architect must do just one thing.

To wait for an invitation

But when an architect waits to be invited before giving their incredible guidance, management and feedback, then the precision with which they can perceive clearly what needs to be done is stunning. Architects can clearly spot what is missing, when something is not right and where there is a lack of congruence or alignment.

To find out if you are an Architect click this link now.


Specialists are here to do work, but the work that they do must be something that lights them up.

When a specialist engages in work that is not absolutely right for them, then they will waste energy, waste time, feel frustrated, and probably not finish, they definitely won’t enjoy the work so they may finish but with very poor quality work.

However, when the specialist has a big YES for a project, a decision, or some other kind of activity that need them to act. This YES is the fire in their belly, this yes is a deeply felt gut response and translated in to a sound – an “Ah-huh!” that can be clearly heard when you know what to listen for. So to avoid frustration and find a deep sense of satisfaction, a specialist must:

Respond to an external stimulus then make it happen & Inform.

So the secret for the specialist is to wait for that thing, the question that they have a big yes for… They must not begin working or doing anything until they have been asked if they want to, until they have had an opportunity to give a direct response in the same moment.
When a specialist has this yes, this “Ah-huh!”, this fire in the belly, then they have unending energy and fuel available to them and with that can go out and make things happen.

It will seem like they have endless energy, today will do an amazing job, and when working alongside an architect, a specialist can achieve the most amazing results.

To find out if you are a Specialst click this link now.
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Builders are here to actually do work, to produce and to make things happen!

Without them we would live in a very different (possibly empty) world!

They do the most crucial building work and actually manifest things. So when an idea is born through an initiator, when the builder gets involved, and has a big yes for it, it just seems to happen.

When a builder learns how to use their own energy and power authentically, when they are open and allowing what they need will, as if by magic, appear to them so it can be received.

A builder also needs to find the inner fire from their inner yes, from their gut response, that same ‘Ah-huh’ sound of the specialist. When they have a big yes, an ‘ah-huh’, they too will have an unending source of energy and time and patience to get the job done.

Act in responce to an external stimulus and allow the magic to happen.

So a builder must wait for the right thing to come along, for something to respond to and when the right thing is there in front of them and they can respond, they will know that when the response is a yes they will instantly have access to all of the energy time patience and know-how that they need to achieve the job brilliantly.

It is as if the job happened by them just recognising that yes. It’s as if the universe channels their energy into allowing this thing to happen as if through them.

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The Neighbour is like a Canary in the coal mine.

The survival of the whole community is dependent upon the neighbour, because the  “canary” is aware of the environment and tuned into the whole. They will be able to assess the complete environment and open to perceiving the overall state of affairs and how it is impacting the whole.


The neighbour has a kind of higher perspective and is fabulous at just hanging out, at being present, when they are allowed to take their own time and when they are allowed to observe the whole environment and all that is in it, everyone benefits.

To wait & observe own patterns for a complete moon cycle

When a neighbour is not recognised they will feel ignored and disappointed, they cannot be rushed and not understanding this will backfire on the whole community.

If the neighbour is unhappy, then something is wrong. But when they feel satisfied and happy and well then we know all is well.

They can lift things up to the next level, facilitate real innovation with initiators and they can help the whole community to find what is new and surprising, what is unexpected and they can then help the community as a whole to manifest this next level and evolve and grow in the process.

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