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Guided WHYs Mentorship

Here’s The Secret To Unleashing Your Potential & Developing Your Ability To

This Is The How To Have Even More Success in All Areas of Your Life & Make An Even Bigger Difference In Defining The Second Half Of Your Life – All In A Safe, Supported & Structured Way Designed Specifically For YOU!

The WHYs Community

We know that being part of this WHYs community is serving you, and we know that working through all of the amazing content is always fruitful but can be tough when you’re going it alone.

Having access to the “Live Love Laugh Lounge™” or to “The Man Cave™” is a life changer, the incredible content has now been made available to you – but are you motivated are you disciplined and are you driven enough to get that AIMazing idea & intention manifest?

Why YOU need WHYs Mentoring

Life can so easily get in the way, there are always reasons (AKA Excuses) to NOT watch the videos and NOT do the exercises we all have plenty – BUT – We WHYs Ones DO have the solution you need…

The Guided WHYs Mentorship Meetings

Do you need more support to assist you in progressing easily and smoothly through the AIM to Find Your WHY online Program, so you can be better prepared as you watch the videos and get all the support you need, connecting to the other WHYs Men & Women, and do you need more guidance to ensure that you do complete the tasks that have proven to be so effective – but only when they are done.

We are here to guide you through a process that helps you remain focused so you get AIMazing Frickin’ Awesome Ideas out there and choose a life of freedom!

The WHYs Mentorship offers you Guided WHYs Mentorship Meetings – giving you the opportunity to work together in small groups where you’ll get personal attention and support from Cheryl, Marion and others who have been through the WHYs process them selves.


The Guided WHYs Mentorship Meetings offer you the opportunity to work together in small groups where you’ll get personal attention
and support from Cheryl, Marion and others who have been through the WHYs process them selves.

At these monthly online meetings you will receive specialised individual attention, specific support tailored to meet your unique individual needs.

We know from previous experience that accountability increases productivity by over 69%. Because accountability  helps motivate and direct you. Combined with a safe environment to explore your deepest needs, feeling free to have your say, the Guided WHYs Mentorship Meetings exponentially increases your access to success!

In the Guided WHYs Mentorship Meetings you’ll be given structured tasks that are proven to enhance your progress, specific coaching and processes that when completed following the clear instructions that pin point where to go and what to do are your clear path to success.

Monthly calls to give you the opportunity to share your success and get the support and encouragement you need. And every 6 month we get up close and personal at a live event put on especially for you.

Being a participant in the Guided WHYs Mentorship Group & a Find Your WHY! Member, gives you:

Access to the Live Love Laugh Lounge, home of the WHY’s women. This private Facebook group is a supportive creative, collaborative community of like minded women. Every month we nominate a WHYs Woman of the month to recognise contribution & celebrate collaboration. With regular competitions, inspirational quotes and a smattering of humour this is the place to be.


A Find Your WHY! Masterclass – Cheryl & Marion will guide you through The A.I.M to Find Your WHY! Programme.

Here you will learn through short videos and exercises taking you through the following 3 steps:

AWARENESS – Learn how to understand who you are, where you are right now, what serves you and what needs to change to maximise your results in life.
INTENTION – Understand why it is so powerful to set an intention when setting your goals.
MANIFEST (aka MOVE) – Discover how to reach your target by taking action and how to deal with any obstacles that get in the way so you can use them to get traction

Our Global Mission is to 

“Guide 10 Million Disheartened Souls
From WHY Me? – to WHY NOT!”

#10MillionMission    #FindYourWHY!


And What Happens In The Lounge

WHYs Women Interviews – Learn about the fellow WHYs women, there’s a huge range of different expertise in the group, and who knows you might discover potential collaboration partners.  As our WHYs Women  share their unique brilliance, and you get a chance get to know more about who they are, why they joined the community, what they do and how to what they do can help you. Watch as their WHY unfolds as they share what they were like as a child and how that has shaped the adult they have become today.

Coffee & A Chat – During this live session, you can pop in for a quick chat and stay as long as you want. During these sessions you will have the opportunity to share your achievements, challenges and  have your questions answered so you can get the support you need to succeed and progress on your WHYs journey.

New tools, tips and techniques – Updated every month, we share with you the what, the why and the how of all the great tools in our tools kits, to facilitate your continual growth. These tools will include personal growth technics and tips but also many of these tips will help you to set up and grow a business using the latest technologies. Anything from defining and setting up a business structure, creating and populating a YouTube Channel to developing your public speaking skills for use on social media and delivering powerful and engaging presentations.

There is a huge and rich range of eclectic expertise in the group topics such as writing & publishing a book, personal branding, marketing, health, recruitment, social media, public speaking, financial planning, overcoming fears, phobias, addictions etc.

The Guided WHYs Mentorship Group Intention:

To ASSOCIATE with likeminded WHYs people for collaboration & community spirit.

To get into ACTION on your business & in your life.

To get ACCESS to great people with creative informative support to help you to move forward.

To become AWARE of any “shit showing up” such as procrastination, fears, self doubt and deal with it on the day.

To create an ACCOUNTABLITY plan so you have all the support you need.

ACHIEVE steps to align more closely with your WHY!