Why Finding Your Core Wound Can Help You Find Your WHY!

What an amazing seven days we had at the Marrakech Retreat recently, where WHYs women joined us from across Europe.

During this powerful and profound week of processing, connecting and healing, there were so many discoveries, insights and revelations that made a huge impact on all of the WHYs Women who came, including Cheryl and myself who were the teachers!

We have so much to share with you. This is just the first blog to be published since we got home, and in it I want to tell you about one of the highlights that the WHYs Women were excited about, which was discovering their ‘core wound’.

Maybe you’re now saying core wound what on earth is a core wound and why is that important when you are looking for your WHY and why would the WHYs women call this a highlight!

Well, when you are looking to Find Your WHY!, your WHY comes in 2 parts:

  1. WHY as in your passion
  2. Why as in WHY are you where you are right now in your life (what is working and what is holding you back)

One of the tools we use to help our WHYs Women (& Men) is a system we call The Authentic Genetic Blueprint. Let me explain further; every one of us is born with a unique Blueprint and it is created at the moment of conception and activated at the time of birth. This blueprint is a set of patterns that determine every aspect of our personal lives. If you’re thinking this sounds a bit “woo woo” it is a mixture of ancient wisdom and modern day science, such as quantum physics and neutrinos (in other words, energy!). One of these patterns within your Blueprint is a core wound and it is critical for you to know and understand this part when you want to Find Your WHY! Because when you are discovering your life’s work and fulfilling your life’s purpose, you need to also be aware of any potential barriers/blocks that might stop you from reaching that full potential.

For example, if your core wound is self-denial (there are 6 core wounds in total, more of that later on) then you may doubt yourself, which I am sure you would agree, could hold you back. The good news is there is also a flip side to your core wound, which is your gift, in this case, the gift to the wound of self-denial is to be ‘natural’. Can you see how a this could create an inner conflict? I mean how can you be natural if you doubt yourself? This is why at our retreats and through our teachings we help not only to identify the core wound and the gift, we also provide tangible tips, tools and techniques that you can implement to make the changes. These tools can then be used once our WHYs Women (and yes we do have events for WHYs men too) leave the sanctuary of the retreat.

The response and feedback from the WHYs Women who attended the Marrakech 7 day retreat has been incredible on how, through understanding their core wound and their gift, they have been able to accept themselves and what’s even more incredible is that they now can accept other people and situations in their lives. This has resulted in being much happier, being able to truly forgive yourself, and being able to truly accept all of your life. Overall giving them a clearer view of who they are and why they are here, something that is so needed when you want to “Find Your WHY!”

Here is what one of our WHYs women had to say: “Now when something happens that makes me feel uneasy or mad I automatically ask myself if it’s because I think my core wound is being activated & YES is always the answer! It’s helped calm my reaction to things”.

Your core wound can cause so much hurt, stress and exhaustion, preventing you from accessing so much of your amazing and yet untapped energy and potential. It is also what makes solitude so refreshing, giving only momentary respite from the truth we hide from to protect our deep, the lies we tell and hear, unhealed gashes, and, broken hearts.

A core wound is something that has replayed repeatedly for you throughout your life (or even in a previous life!), it is so ingrained in your life that is seems completely normal. It can be difficult to acknowledge because it’s like asking a fish to recognise water, it’s like an absolute truth in your life, so when you do actually get it, it transforms how you see and treat yourself and others.

For example, after a relationship of mine ended, I found myself evaluating why I continuously “lose” peoples love. I often asked myself, “What is it about me that drives people away?” and “Why do they stop loving me?”

As a child, I remember the many reasons my mum would warn me “If you do that people won’t like you…” This feeling of rejection has been a constant fear in my life, so no surprise when I discovered that rejection was my core wound.

My Core Wound is Rejection

Remember, core wounds go hand in hand with true gifts! It can take some time to understand, to comprehend this relationship, it’s like the two sides of the same coin; you need both sides for the coin to exist.

To be certain of your core wound, we invite you to have your Authentic Genetic Blueprint reading with myself or Cheryl.

What is your Core Wound?

There are six basic wounds – Repression, Denial, Shame, Rejection, Guilt and Isolation. One is at the core of our life experience. It tends to result in the thoughts such as a sense of not being enough, being insecure, feeling unlovable to a parent to friends or to partners, feeling stupid, ashamed, embarrassed, guilty, paranoid, abandoned, unwanted, ugly or even disgusting.

No matter what your core wound is, you can be certain that it will be influencing who you are, how you perceive life and the world around you and how you behave.

Being true to your authentic self and all of your life experiences as part of a life rich tapestry… accepting, supporting and encouraging the unique person you are and recognising you are unique and you are perfect just as you are!

Healing your core wound is not about changing yourself; it’s about ACCEPTING yourselves. The first part of this process is, of course, finding out which core wound is yours and then the process can begin.

We would love to hear your comments and thoughts. Here are some more of the WHYs women and how they have used the knowledge they have gained:

When I found out my wound I didn’t think it was me, I now realise it is and I am recognising that most of my trigger points are linked to it! I am now realising the cause of why I react and this means its so much easier to get over things.

I recognised that pernicious little voice and tell it thanks for sharing, now talk to the hand! LOL I’m finally seeing the self-sabotage for what it is and that’s immensely freeing.

It made complete sense and I recognise my core wound in me and it helps knowing it’s not just something that is wrong with me. I now remind myself, it’s a gift.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Love Marion & Cheryl xx

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