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Are you prepared to discover the difference that makes the difference? You can do it now – or leave it until your health or your life is in tatters! Why wait?

When finding your why, your purpose, discovering what makes you tick, what drives you, ultimately what you are here to do and be, it is vital that you work on you, call it self improvement, personal development, whatever you call it – it’s crucial that you remove your barriers, behaviours and limiting beliefs that stop you and at the same time increase your wellness and become the best version of yourself.

You can start that journey right now – or like most people you can be like me… I never really got sick, life seemed easy, fun, until my mid-thirties, when this all changed…

I gained weight, lost my appetite, slept all the time, had so much water retention, “I feel like a cold, sleepy balding Michelin Man living in slow-motion” I told the doctor. The diagnosis was an auto-immune thyroid disorder, the doctors told me that the cause was not understood – I was told that my body was attacking itself.

I began taking the medication they prescribed, they said I would soon be back to normal. I was told it was a chronic and permanent condition, my thyroid gland would never work again. All I had to do was take a couple of pills every day before food. Nothing else changed.

I trusted the doctors, took my medication and got on with my life.

Now while most of the symptoms reduced, they never really left, I never did feel like I was getting back to normal. Then, after a few years, I began to quickly lose lots of weight and developed an inflammatory eye condition that resulted in double vision. I also developed agoraphobia, anxiety and panic attacks, lost most of my hair, became an insomniac, and the doctors said my condition had reversed and now my thyroid was working and the cause – well this time they knew the cause – it was the medication that was now responsible for all the symptoms.

Some of these symptoms were irreversible and I needed lots of different medication and seven different types of surgery to attempt to correct my vision – but no guarantee it would actually work!

I was horrified! All of this physical and psychological distress was accompanied by an overwhelming feeling of confusion, injustice and powerlessness and by the incessant questions “What is actually going on with my body?”, “Why this? Why now? WHY ME?”.

This was when I made the change!

This was when I woke up to the fact that I had to take charge, this was when I began my journey to becoming a better me.

I was not prepared to take the doctors advice this time. They admitted that they did not understand – so I took control of me and decided it was my responsibility to look after me, my body, my health and my life.

This all happened in 2008, it was at a time when the internet was making information much easier to access so I began my search to understand what was going on with my body, with my health, with my life!

I found EFT which transformed the agoraphobia, anxiety, panic attacks and insomnia. I also discovered META-Health which flung open the doors of my understanding, the way I view disease, the way I interpret symptoms and the way I can find core issues the actual root-cause of those symptoms.

I began to reconnect with my body, see, the “story” of how I’d got to a place where I felt let down and disassociated from my broken body that was attacking itself, to the place I’m in now which is having a deep connection of love and appreciation. META-Health was, no is, the greatest and most profound step towards healing I have had.

So what is META-Health?

META is a word that means ‘outside of’ especially referring to a more insightful perspective. When added to the word ‘health’, it’s understood as the subject that analyses health but at a more abstract, higher perspective.

META-Health is a revolutionary approach, it’s an understanding of exactly how thoughts, feelings and behaviours impact your health, are expressed as symptoms and mould the person you are right now.

META-Health is a diagnostic tool that offers a bio-psycho-social-environmental approach to health and disease and is something both Cheryl and I use in our own lives.

If you want an understanding of the root causes of both physical and psychological symptoms and illnesses as well as a clear and scientific explanation of the relationship between how you think, feel and behave with any symptoms or disease processes then META-Health is it!

It is a way of understanding who you are as a biological being (body), with a psychological aspect (the mind), that relates to your social circle (friends, family, and your society), and at the same time lives in its physical environment. You can not live without any of these four aspects, for a truly holistic and integrated approach these four elements need to be taken into account.

Have you ever experienced physical or emotional symptoms that were uncomfortable, painful or worrying you? Have you ever been confused by the lack of clarity when it comes to really understanding why you have the symptoms and what they mean?

Aristotle said: “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom”.

Your body is so intelligent! It digests food, makes blood, grows bones, skin, teeth, hair, it heals wounds, it can even make another human being! And it speaks in many ways, one of the ways it expresses itself is through symptoms, they are a key part of the language – your body language.

In our society, mental and physical disease is seen as being a fault in the body, this is what the doctors told me, something has gone wrong, your body is working against you – it’s attacking itself! But after two million years of evolution, our bodies can’t really be making such fundamental mistakes, can they?

Have you ever wondered why some people can heal after just one form of treatment or intervention while others take months or years?

Have you ever considered why, even when people have the same ‘disease’, they experience it in completely different ways? When you understand why this happens it becomes much easier to resolve these issues and from my own experience, I know how empowered you feel taking control of your own health.

META-Health gives us a way to find out, with the precise bio-psycho-social model, the root mental and emotional cause and the meaning of any symptom, any illness. It works by using the body’s own biological survival programming, the intelligent wisdom of how the body functions and scientifically maps physical symptoms, via the brain, to identify the root cause.

META-Health is a science based on empirical evidence that has emerged over more than 30 years using Computed Tomography scans (CT scans) and rigorous research. Resulting in an epigenetic and evolutionary understanding of the biological, psychological, social and environmental meaning of any illness.

It has 10 main principles and redefines our understanding of health, disease, healing and personal development today.

META-Health defines disease as a two-phase process:

Every disease process has two phases, see the diagram below – the Yin-Yang shape is a simplified version of these 2 phases and the 5 key points from the trigger to health.

Point 1: The Stress Trigger which is always a Significant Emotional Event (S.E.E.)

After an S.E.E. (this can be a shock, a trauma or repeated abuse) then the body begins to adapt – to cope and we experience the first phase indicated by Point 2: The Stress Phase. In the stress phase we usually don’t feel ill but are often stressed, tense, have difficulty sleeping and have a reduced appetite. This is also called the sympathetic phase and under the control of the autonomic nervous system.

Depending on the specific organ tissue affected, this can be now also be detected in a CT scan and can be more deeply understood through embryological origins of the tissue. The affected tissue function now goes into an adaptation mode to cope with this stress, so it will either increase in cells or function, or it decreases. Which organ is affected will depend on the shock, on your perception and on the resulting emotions and feelings it brings up for you.

When we resolve the shock, Point 3: Regeneration Trigger, now this happens either through a change of circumstance or internally letting go of the emotion, we go into the second phase, (otherwise known as regeneration or the healing phase).

During regeneration Point 4, the affected organ begins to re-balance and counteracts the effects of the stress phase. It is in this phase we usually experience the disease symptoms along with inflammation, increased appetite, sleepiness and increased temperature. Also called the parasympathetic phase, this is under the control of the autonomic nervous system.

During the regeneration phase, there is the healing crisis, this is like a biological testing of the system and is the point that corresponds with when things such as heart attacks, asthma attacks and epileptic seizures. If the system passes this test and no triggers are active then the 2 phases are completed and balance is regained and full health restored: Point 5.

At the time of the shock all of the information is recorded and stored in the unconscious mind, therefore until you fully resolve the underlying emotional issue, whenever you experience similar stimuli, you can trigger off the disease process again which is how people end up with repeated and chronic illness.

If disease is a biological programme that is triggered by a significant emotional shock, then it can’t be a mistake or random. Every disease can be understood as a biologically meaningful adaptation process with the goal of survival.

Using the META-Health diagnostic system means there is no guesswork, complex hypotheses or vague generalisations, just fact and understanding of the person’s experience.

Finding the meaning of any disease empowers us to take control and have an informed choice in how we heal and grow.

The understanding and reconnection I now have with my body and the appreciation. META-Health is the greatest and most profound step towards healing. And now I see this same realisation and awakening in everyone I share this information with. It is humbling to be a META-Health Coach.

The fear of any disease has totally vanished. These brilliant tools give me an instant insight into the deep-rooted core issues and have made it possible for me to achieve a state of health and well-being that I did not think possible before.

Today META-Health is THE main roadmap I use for my own health and personal growth as well as for my clients.

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