Making Your Email Signature Magic!

Discover how to sprinkle WHYs Fairy Dust into your email signature! Making each element of your email footers an active link so just by clicking on each part your clients will be taken to the appropriate webpage for more information. And to create the perfect 3D Book Cover or Product Package see the following video now! 

WHY! No one wins until we all win

Book Find Your WHY Foundation #FindYourWHY Marion Bevington Cheryl Chapman musical chairs

Do you remember playing party games as a kid? There are many of them that taught us that being in competition and being the winner is the best, perhaps this has led you to feeling like a loser when you’ve come 2nd, 3rd or last! When you get into the habit of competing, would you agree that you may start … Read More

Finding Your WHY Through Yoga

Did you know that Yoga has been documented for over 5000 years? And since it’s introduction to the West over 50 years ago, its popularity has increased every single day. It is now believed to be one of the most popular spiritual practices for people to take up – yes even though many people believe yoga is a physical practice … Read More

Why Finding Your Core Wound Can Help You Find Your WHY!

What an amazing seven days we had at the Marrakech Retreat recently, where WHYs women joined us from across Europe. During this powerful and profound week of processing, connecting and healing, there were so many discoveries, insights and revelations that made a huge impact on all of the WHYs Women who came, including Cheryl and myself who were the teachers! … Read More

Decoding The Language of Your Body – Body Talk!

Meta health

Are you prepared to discover the difference that makes the difference? You can do it now – or leave it until your health or your life is in tatters! Why wait? When finding your why, your purpose, discovering what makes you tick, what drives you, ultimately what you are here to do and be, it is vital that you work … Read More

Self-Development Or Shelf Development?

Find Your WHY foundation Cheryl Chapman Marion Bevington #FindyourWHY!

You may know someone who has ‘been on a course’. I previously a boss who attended courses and would come back full of great ideas, but somehow nothing ever really changed. Which was a shame, because I am sure there were great ideas shared at all the seminars he attended, and it wouldn’t have come cheap. There’s a name for … Read More

How Meditation Affects The Genes That Cause Ageing

Let me start by asking you a question. Have you ever had a busy mind? I mean really busy, one or more thoughts whirling around in your head, obsessing, like your mind has been taken over by those thoughts and, as a result, you’re not able to think about anything else? You just can’t stop the thoughts, get them out … Read More

What Is EFT And Why Should You Use It?

The body meridians Find Your WHY foundation Cheryl Chapman Marion Bevington #FindyourWHY!

In just the past two weeks I, Marion, have helped people suffering from a number of problems and conditions using EFT. Sciatica Headaches Vertigo Back pain Difficulty sleeping Anxiety Constipation Cold sores Now you may be thinking what is all this tapping? “Is this a new percussion technique for musicians?”. But what it actually is, is a technique that helps you … Read More

Are Women Better At Collaborating?

It may not have escaped your notice that we had an election. And far from the clear and increased majority that the Conservatives had expected to achieve, we have a hung Parliament (if you know me well there would normally be a joke in there) however, in this case of course this specifically means that no ONE party got 326 … Read More