We know its difficult being a man (I mean you have to live in a world with women for a start!). Maybe you are feeling like the pressure is all on you, you know that you don’t have the answers to everything and yet you don’t feel you can admit that. Possibly you’re starting to feel old, the pains in your body are increasing, you don’t seem to be able to keep up with others like you used to and maybe that’s starting to affect your confidence. Perhaps you’re still working long hours at work and that connection between you and your loved one just seems to be getting lost. Maybe you’re starting to ask the questions “WHY am I here?” or “is this all there is to life?”.

The Man Cave is a space created by Cheryl Chapman and Marion Bevington for men to go to and get the answers to these questions.

It is a group of like-minded men who support each other in a non-judgemental way; it’s an area for personal growth and business growth with a collaborative and creative attitude.

The Man Cave is the home of the WHYs Men – men who understand their WHY, their purpose and their reason for being here. We look forward to welcoming you to this “frickin’ awesome” group.

Because “you don’t have to figure it out on your own & you don’t have to do it alone”

Become a WHYs Man and a Find Your WHY! Member today, every month the following is shared with you:

Access to the Man Cave, home of the WHY’s men. This private Facebook group is a supportive creative, collaborative community of like minded men. With regular competitions, inspirational quotes and a smattering of humour this is the place to be.

A Find Your WHY! Masterclass – Cheryl & Marion will guide you through The A.I.M to Find Your WHY! Programme.

Here you will learn through short videos and exercises taking you through the following 3 steps:

AWARENESS – Learn how to understand who you are, where you are right now, what serves you and what needs to change to maximise your results in life.
INTENTION – Understand why it is so powerful to set an intention when setting your goals.
MANIFEST (aka MOVE) – Discover how to reach your target by taking action and how to deal with any obstacles that get in the way so you can use them to get traction

Expert Experience – Experts sharing how to based on an elected topic such as write a book, personal branding, marketing, health, recruitment, social media, public speaking, financial planning, overcoming fears, phobias, addictions etc.

Monthly Q&A – During this broadcast session you will have the opportunity to have your questions answered.

New tools, tips and techniques – Updated every month, we share with you the what the why and the how of all the great tools in our tools kits, to facilitate your continual growth.

Plus much more! For just £9.99 for the first month and then £19.99 per month thereafter.